Let Go - August 2013
Let Go was produced during I took one year 3D Animation and Visual Effects course at Vancouver Film School (VFS), August 2012- August 2013, as a final project. The inspiration was from one of figure skating competitions and 2D animation 'Thought of you'. I started my first sketch during Christmas break 2012 and used the last six months of school worked mainly on this project.
Software used: Maya, Photoshop, Nuke, Premiere

Animazoo: West End Girl Dances
The West End Girl dances collection, released by Animazoo in Second Life.
Animation by Animazoo and Chanarat Temaismithi
Dancer: Jenna
Music: Shadow the Hunter: Showtime Instrumental

Animazoo 'Show Boy' dances
A short movie showing the Animazoo 'Show Boy' dances for sale at the Animazoo shop on the Brightown sim in Second Life.
Dances by 'Arm', Bangkok.
Animation by Animazoo and Chanarat Temaismithi
Music by DJ Instinct